GoPay is a Czech payment gateway for online payments. It is one of the most used payment systems for e-shops in the Czech Republic.

GoPay offers several different payment methods, including Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Diners Club, JCB, as well as payment from the GoPay account and mobile payments.
Other GoPay services include fast payouts and the ability to return money back to the customer's account.
Give your customers the most convenient payment experience on both desktop and mobile. Choose from many payment methods and dozens of languages.

In case you are interested in the GOPAY payment gateway, you must register and sign a contract with Gopay to provide you with the necessary data that you will enter into the add-on settings with us.

How to integrate a payment gateway into

  1. On this page, click on "Install" (if you have more than one e-shop, choose which one you want to install the add-on in)
  2. Install the add-on
  3. Go to the "Add-ons" section in the administration and look for the "Gopay" add-on
  4. Insert the Gopay ID, Client ID and Client Secret that you will receive from Gopay after establishing a contract with you as an e-shop on FlexumShop.
  5. Then save the changes.
  6. In the same section, at the bottom define what payment methods you want to allow your customers (e.g. Payment Card, Fast Bank Transfer, Mobile Wallet, etc.)
  7. Go to Shipping and Payment - Payment Method.
  8. Select the payment type and you can edit the payment description, tax and if you want to charge a fee or other conditions, for example in case of other currencies.
  9. Finally, don't forget to link shipping and payment in the Shipping and Payment - Shipping Method section in the details of the specific shipments within the given limits.
  10. The Gopay payment gateway is now set up and functional.

Language in administration

The add-on administration interface is available in the following languages:

What does the add-on do?

Give your customers the most convenient way to pay on their computers and mobile phones. Choose from many payment methods and dozens of languages

Plugin price

1 day For free
1 week $ 0.00 0 Credits
1 year $ 0.00 0 Credits
2 years $ 0.00 0 Credits
1 month $ 0.00 0 Credits
3 months Best offer! $ 0.00 0 Credits
To install the plugin, you need to have an established store.


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