In case you want to optimize your e-shop for search engines such as Google, Seznam and others, this add-on is the right one for you.
The add-on is designed to improve the searchability of your e-shop.
Search engines send out so-called bots. When this robot enters your site, it collects data from it and processes it.

What elements are important to set up for better tracking?
Title for the e-shop, description, product name, categoerie and meta tags. With this add-on you can set the title for the e-shop, the description (recommended up to 160 characters) and the meta tags in the administration after installing the add-on.
We recommend that the title should be around 50-60 characters. You can define the meta tag by entering your own information about your e-shop, which will then be generated in the site code, so search engines can find you better.

What do you get by installing the "SEO" add-on?

  1. Read product information
  2. Read and edit custom URLs
  3. Read article content
  4. Search engine optimization


  1. On this page, click on "Install" (if you have more than one e-shop, choose which one you want to install the add-on in)
  2. You will then see the "Seo" option in the "Add-ons" section of the e-shop administration. Here you can enter "Meta tags" and "Basics Details" = "Title", "Description" ( main title and description for the e-shop)
  3. Then you can also enter Seo in product details (Products - edit specific product), product categories (Product Categories - edit specific category) in "Seo" tab

Language in administration

The add-on administration interface is available in the following languages:

What does the add-on do?

Seo tools

  • Read product details
  • Read and edit custom URLs
  • Read article content
  • Search Engine Optimization

Plugin price

1 day For free
1 week $ 1.00 25 Credits
1 month $ 4.00 100 Credits
3 months $ 12.00 300 Credits
1 year $ 40.00 1000 Credits
2 years Best offer! $ 72.00 1800 Credits
To install the plugin, you need to have an established store.


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