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Issue an invoice in a few clicks. You can download your invoice right away. You can add your own logo, stamp or signature. Impress your clients!

It's an effective and simple solution.  Connecting to Super Invoice will be via API, but you don't have to make things that complicated because our system is prebuilt for that.

What do you get by installing the "Superinvoice" add-on?

  • The add-on will allow you to connect to the online invoicing system SuperFaktura. It is sufficient to enter the data provided by SuperFaktura and save the changes.
  • You can then create invoices manually.
  • Set up automatic invoicing.
  • Possibility to download the invoice in the customer section of the e-shop.
  • Send the invoice to the customer via email.

So if you like this add-on there is no barrier to install this Super Invoice add-on.

Language in administration

The add-on administration interface is available in the following languages:

What does the add-on do?

  • Connection to the online invoicing system SuperFaktura
  • The option to manage invoices for selected orders will be displayed in the administration in the ORDERS section (issuing a document, downloading, sending an invoice by e-mail)
  • Automatic sending of the invoice by email to the client after it has been issued from SuperFaktura

Plugin price

1 day For free
1 week $ 1.00 25 Credits
1 month $ 4.00 100 Credits
3 months $ 12.00 300 Credits
1 year $ 40.00 1000 Credits
2 years Best offer! $ 72.00 1800 Credits
To install the plugin, you need to have an established store.


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