The Pay


Online payment gateway without paperwork and with the possibility to use it already on the day. A solution that just works. Is it possible to pay in different currencies? Yes, after installing the add-on, you can define the following currencies: CZK, EUR, USD, GBP, HUF, PLN, RON, BGN and HRK for your e-shop. The payment gateway follows trends and developments, so it is not a player that is lagging behind here either.


What do you get by installing "The Pay" add-on?

Connects your e-shop to Flexumshop with The Pay payment gateway
you will be excited about the automatic registration, because you can use the payment gateway the same day
offer a payment method for your customers through which they can pay for products/services in your e-shop
one of the most used payment gateways on the Czech market
you as a seller can check the payment made by the customer almost immediately after the payment is made (within a few seconds the information about the payment is displayed)
possibility of payments via link
Czech support for The Pay - by phone and email
the advantage of this payment method is that you can have, for example, CZK as the main currency and in case the money arrives in another currency, it will be converted according to the current exchange rate

If you are interested in the payment gateway, all you need to do is simply register automatically with The Pay, install the add-on and activate it + enter the information received from The Pay and save your changes. It's that simple.


Language in administration

The add-on administration interface is available in the following languages:

What does the add-on do?

Payment gateway

Plugin price

1 day For free
1 week $ 1.00 25 Credits
1 month $ 4.00 100 Credits
3 months $ 12.00 300 Credits
1 year $ 40.00 1000 Credits
2 years Best offer! $ 72.00 1800 Credits
To install the plugin, you need to have an established store.


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