The couriers of Zásilkovna will pick up your packages, then deliver them to their destination. As comfortably as possible. You can ship to drop-off points, to the increasingly popular Z-Boxes or directly to the address specified by the customer. And all this at reasonable prices. The shipping company already provides comprehensive logistics services for online shops in 30 countries. The delivery company is a member of the global Packeta group.

What do you get by installing the Shipper add-on?

  • Shipping to the point of delivery from 54 CZK
  • Shipping to an address from 79 CZK
  • Fast shipment submission directly from the e-shop administration
  • 9000 dispatch and delivery points in the Czech Republic, 3000 in Slovakia
  • 5800 self-service Z-Boxes, operated from the mobile app
  • Easy-to-use administrative system for shipment management
  • Possibility of evening delivery in Prague, Ostrava and Olomouc
  • Delivery to 30 countries in Europe and America
  • Interactive widget installed in the e-shop cart with a search engine for the nearest available delivery points

How it will work with your e-shop

By installing it, the Shipping module will be automatically inserted in the administration among the available shipping methods. After activating the widget (see Installation procedure below), the shopper will choose the Shipping as the shipping method. In the next step of the ordering process, the customer will see a widget with a map and a search engine of the nearest available delivery points. The map shows both the dispensing points and the Z-Boxes. In addition, the outlets can be filtered according to personal preferences - for example, by opening hours or only locations where it is possible to pay by bank card can be displayed. The buyer has 2 days to pick up the package at the Z-BOX and the Zásilkovna informs about the location of the package by SMS and e-mail. The parcel can be picked up using the delivered password, which is used to identify the owner of the parcel.

And it will be even easier for you, the e-shopper, to use Parcel Shop. Simply send the order you want to send to the customer using a courier simply by two clicks into the system and then just wait for the courier to pick it up. Perfect, right?


Installation procedure

  1. On this page, click "Install". The box can be found on the right hand side.
  2. Install the add-on
  3. Go to the "Add-ons" section in the administration and look for the "Packeta" add-on
  4. Enter the Client ID and Client Secret that you get from the Shipping Company (Packets).
  5. Then save the changes.
  6. Go to Shipping and Payment - Shipping Method and here "Packet" is created as a shipping method and you need to set it up. Click on the pencil icon and make the settings according to the screens below.

Nyelv a közigazgatásban

A kiegészítő adminisztrációs felülete a következő nyelveken érhető el:

Mit csinál a kiegészítő?

  • Finding the nearest outlet of Zásilkovna
  • View delivery points on the map
  • View address and opening hours
  • Filter by available capacity of outlets
  • Option to hide outlets that are currently full
  • Supplement in 24 languages
  • Optimised for different monitor or phone resolutions

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